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Apple iPhone 12 pro Max Rear Camera Lens

Apple iPhone 12 pro Max Rear Camera Lens

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iPhone 12 Pro Max Rear Camera Lens

iPhone 12 Pro  Max kamera Lens Kameralinse Svart


Camera Lens produced by thirdpart.


  • Compatible with: Apple 

    iPhone 12 Pro Max

  • Spare Part: Camera Lens
If you have a broken glass protecting your iPhone 12 pro max camera, it's better to replace it as soon as possible. This is why we leave the possibility of buying the original camera glass. Dust, dust and other hairs collecting on the camera lens can damage your camera. The next step will be a visit to the service and replacement of the camera and the glass covering the lens. I recommend taking care of your comfort and your phone. Buy a new glass for iphone 12 pro max and forget about the problem quickly. You can exchange at home on your desk with a scalpel and your own will.
Glass camera lens we have in stock! don't wait! Order and we will send the package to you quickly and well packed.

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